Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A number of web sites, including the subscription Chart of the Day site, have recently posted a chart showing that temporary employment leads full time employment. The current projection is a slow-down in employment growth (of course the most recent federal numbers showed gains of 215,000 jobs).

This is good news folks. We have been waiting to see reasons the FOMC should stop raising short rates. This indicator is a good sign that the end is near. Stock prices are also projecting an end. Investors should not wait to hear the language of the FOMC to change. Investors should buy in anticipation of the change. December 13 is less than a week away. The futures market suggests there will be at least two more bumps. The Iraqi vote on December 15 will be an exciting day. A relatively non-violent voting day is projected. Good news is starting to flow; the negative media will always find more bad news to report. However, US citizens are going to feel the bulging of their wallets in coming weeks and the troops are going to start coming home. God Bless America!