Thursday, December 15, 2005

Om Malik on Broadband : � Google Music, The King Maker?

I am not into internet music or music downloads. I own an XM radio but don't listen often. Never-the-less, I recognize that music is an important internet category.

As a fan of Google, I am pleased to read Om's glowing report. The Google system sounds like an excellent first attempt.

For the past few days, I have noticed more major media providers in my Google sidebar. Magazines, TV networks and major newspapers are opening up to the "new model". Another thing I have noticed is that I am likely to stay for a while on a well designed major media site after being attracted by a single article. For example, tonight I clicked on an article of interest on the CBS News site and then spent about ten minutes looking a several of the folders linked from the page.

The big mo is already racing down the railroad track. It is a matter or time before most outlets climb on board. Revenues may be lower but the old way is dying. Those who build a internet business will be around to collect what revenues can be collected. In one way or another, the public will pay a fair price for quality content. Google has just started helping folks find quality music and all the information about that music.