Thursday, December 08, 2005

ABC News: News Corp. Expands Its Online Strategy

Content providers such as News Corp, Time Warner, ABC and NBC continue to avoid making content available over the "broad" internet. They continue to hold onto media forcing folks to view the content on the distributor?s dictated terms. It is a far more pleasant internet experience when one can do a search to find content from many sites.

Will consumers allow the media providers to "wall off" content into "channels"? The good news about the internet is that we don't need channels. We don't need to buy a whole package of channels that we never watch. Those who like college basketball should be able to instantly find a list of hundreds of games played, sorted by date, team, conference or any other criteria. A fan of Alan Iverson should be able to select any game he has ever played to watch.

Generally, if the public demand is for a certain product, business will supply that demand. The media conglomerates will hold out for as long as they can but a good day is coming.