Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Windows Live

Windows Live

MSFT is quickly building a portal that includes access to an internet based version of popular software such as Word. The race is on! Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSFT all want to hold internet users in one place.

Google, is working on sliming down Open Source Office so that it can be used easily as an online application. MSFT is working to make Microsoft Office an online application. I am not sure of what efforts are being made by Yahoo, and AOLto offer "productivity software" but you can see from the link above that the MSFT Live page is basically another internet portal.

MSFT has a huge installed base. Google, has a business model that reduces the cost to the consumer. The two are going to go head to head for many years to come!

I don't know who will win but on my suggestion a friend just bought some more Google, in his retirement account. He has a lot of years to go before he will be drawing from the account. He owns at least 20 other stocks in the account. Our belief is that Google, continues to take advertising share (strong gains in audio and video ads on the horizon). Consumers do not mind Google, ads nearly as much as the forced advertisments tried by others. Who wants pop-ups? Who wants to watch 12 mintutes of non relavent ads during a 30 minute show? Who wants to pay MSFT for monopoly products that are not consumer friendly?