Thursday, November 17, 2005

UNC BASKETBALL GETS HELP FROM THE FOOTBALL TEAM - Greensboro, North Carolina: Sports: Moonlighting: UNC basketball could get walk-on help from football

After winning the National Basketball Championship last year, the Tarheels lost their top 7 players. The NBA got some great talent. The Heels will use football players to fill some spots this year.

Long-term fans of Roy Williams are hoping for his greatest coaching miracle yet. A lot of this hope revolves around Tyler, Terry and Thomas, a freshment big guy, an athletic reserve and a sophmore point guard who was erratic his first year. Danny Green, another freshman holds promise and high school football star--basketball walk-on, David Noel, may get 30 minutes or more per game.

Other names you may see from time to time include Jesse Holley and Brooks Foster from the UNC football squad. A former Mr. Basketball of Mississippi rode the bench last year and saw limited action the prior year. Another freshman is out with knee injury. In the first intramural game, Mike shot one open three pointer and was immediately benched. Yes, Roy has his work cut out.

Not to write this season off, but it is comforting to know about next years class. Roy has signed a six member class that is ranked number 1 in the nation. If these guys will stay around a couple of years to learn the fine points of the game, who knows, with a lot of luck, Roy could get his second NCAA Championship!