Friday, November 11, 2005

Google is Building Yahoo 2.0 (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Jeremy has a good way of sumarizing what Google is doing. The good news is that Google is able to make significant improvements in the programs it develops.

I have nothing against Yahoo; my family holds investments in the firm. However, Yahoo was assembled piece by piece primarily through take overs of competitors. Google started from scratch. The difference is like building a car from junk yard parts or building a new car from ground up. A skilled auto shop such as any of the NASCAR shops can take a bunch of used cars and build a fine machine but they could do even better if they start out with a brand new car.

I am anxiously awating Google Finance, Google Wallet and GoogleCalendar. I am also hopeful that new sidebar plug-ins or inhancements will come soon. From our experience to date, we can count on better products from Google or from competitors who update to compete with Google. GO Google GO!