Thursday, November 17, 2005



I have said it before but it is worth repeating that Google Base is going to be very big. Go take a look at the car listings. How much better can a service be? A free listing of cars that includes a map to their location, pictures, contact information, etc. Can anyone tell me why they should pay for a classified advertisement rather than post the item into Google Base ?

The program is a beta version; it will only get better. Does anyone want to venture a guess as to how many postings will be made in the first year? I am afraid to put out a number because I might miss badly. For the past 16 months, skeptics have responded to my rantings about Google . They have said that I am so enthusiastic that they know they should short the stock. I hope the didn't. I hope they will not above $400 either. The price move is just getting started!

Google Calendar, Google Wallet and Google Finance are anxiously awaited programs. One can already see glimpses of the potential Google Finance holds. The Google Sidebar is great for following a few stocks but Google Finance should blow away the competition. Google Calendar will be especially good for organizations. My church, Maple Springs United Methodist, spends considerable time posting various activities and events to a common calendar. It is our hope to avoid as many conflicts of scheduling as possible. There will always be times when members cannot be at two places at one time but Google Calendar should make the sharing of calendar information so much easier.

Google Wallet should open many more doors for web based commerce. The web is small relative to what it could be. There is far more information not available on the web than what is. Google hopes to change this situation and part of the way is to make it easy for providers of special information a way to get paid. For example, it is only fair for a magazine publisher to be paid for publishing a widely distributed article. It is fair for the public to pay if the wish to read the article. It is silly to have to buy the entire magazine to read the one article.

There is no question that those looking for a certain item on Google Base will sometimes click on advertising on those pages. In many cases, the item one seeks will simply not be found in Google Base, however, the lead to the site that has the item may well be found. EBAY will likely be the biggest advertiser on Google Base . EBAY is also in the process of offering similar a similar service.

Looking at my own habits, I can see how big Google Base is going to be. I routinely hit the instant replay when watching TV channels and find myself watching many shows on a short delay. Then when the commercials come on I fast forward and catch up quickly. However, every now and then, when I want to buy something, I start searching the internet and I frequently click on advertising leads. I often make my final selection in a store but I use the internet to decide which store to visit.

Big advertisers are moving more and more to internet based ads. They have discovered that internet ads work. One day, most of all advertising will be done via the internet. Some of it will be video, some audio and some print ads but the ads will be internet based. GO Google GO!