Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gates to tout Microsoft's supercomputing move | Tech News on ZDNet

MSFT is gearing up to cluster computers in a fashion similar to what Google has done. Google can add computing power quickly because its software recognizes new clusters added and puts them to work. This is all a sophisticated form of plug and play technology.

MSFT wants to sell the software to others whereas Google wants to use its software to help folks search and use the internet. A lot of folks have written MSFT off in regard to being one of the big two in internet computing. Most folks figure Googleand Yahoo have "won" the search business and related businesses.

AOL announced its deal with Warner yesterday to show that AOL does not have to have MSFT or Google as a partner. AOL says, hey, we have the content! Folks will have to come to us to view hundreds of TV series that will be available though us.

MSFT is preparing to offer advertising supported software applications. They point out that the typical software they sell only generates $9 per user per year in revenue; not such a high hurdle to earn through advertising.

Google and MSFT are in a race to offer software. It will take many more massive data centers to handle all the traffic. Still, it is much more efficient for a computer to be used in a rack at a data center . It is possible that one computer in a rack can in effect replace hundreds of desk top personal computers. The more individuals rely on Google and MSFT computers the less they need computing power on their desks.

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