Friday, November 18, 2005


Interesting reading from the world of Blogs:

Mike Bryan Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland gives a short lesson on understanding the Consumer Price Index as a guest writer on Macroblog
Bryan reports that fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery goods, natural gas, airfare, and lodging away form home—posted double-digit (annualized) price hikes in October, while meat, infants’ apparel, shoes, used cars, telephone service, personal computers, and tobacco products—cost you less in October than they did in September.

The US leads in subscriptions to Broadband according to the Computer Industry Almanac. THe US claims a 21.6% market share with worldwide Internet users projected to top 1.8 Billion by the end of 2010.

In "Lessons for the Apprenticed Investor ,"Barry Ritzholtz comments in his article for The Street .com that it’s not really the stocks in your portfolio, but stock management that helps investors make money. “Stock selection is not where investors run into trouble. Managing the positions after they become part of the portfolio is where people typically discover their investing shortcomings. And that's before we get to a wealth of other important issues, including how and when to make purchases, how much of a given stock to buy (position-sizing), when to add to existing holdings, how to handle bad markets, when to use leverage, how to use options, how to hedge, when to use stop-losses, etc.“ I’m happy to talk stocks anytime you want—write me or give me a call