Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Chris Anderson with Long Tail has an eye-opening article on the long term decline in media entertainment:
The box office is down 7% (continuing decline since 2004), Newspapers down 2.6%, books down 7%, Magazine revenue is up but advertising and readership are flat. According to Anderson, the only thing up is
Internet advertising:
--Banners: Up 10% this year
--Keywords: Google revenues up 96%

The Big Picture guy has an interesting article for investors on Washington Scandals and how they affect the stock market returns.

Bill Cara takes a look at the stock market winners and loser over the last 100 points in the market

For and interesting read on gas prices and as well as futures declines and how it will affect the U.S. ecomony check out Econobrowser. Econobrowser highlights how thisand the change in the car-buying habits of the U.S. public will change gasoline demand.

To Buy or Not to Buy? Beta Pundit addresses the pros and cons of the new video I-Pod