Thursday, November 17, 2005

BACKLASH EXPLODES ON AL-QAEDA News - International - Al-Qaeda on defensive as bombs begin to backfire


This may be the best news we have heard in years. Muslims are speaking out against the indiscriminant bombing of innocents.

The "bad guys" have been willing to bomb the innocents because the targets are "soft". When they go after the troops, the troops shoot back.

Before and after the revolutionary war, America teetered and tottered. Before the war, many believed the states should do whatever necessary to make amends with the British. After the war, our curency was virtually worthless. It took a lot of give and take to make the new nation work. A small example is that George Washington was opposed to a two party system and the reality is there is nothing in the constitution that suggest a two party system should be developed.

The point here is that Democracy is tough to achieve. The vast majority of the governments in the world today are not democracies. Iraq has a chance to be one of relatively few. The indiscriminant bombing by the lawless terrorist is heartbreaking. We must hope that the people around the world rise to speak. The people can shout these guys down, turn them into the authorites and make the world a better place.