Monday, October 03, 2005

Oodle - The Search Engine for Local Classifieds

Oodle - The Search Engine for Local Classifieds

Oodle is a new seach engine for local classified ads. It seems that there are many folks trying to get out in front of Google; to take some business away or perhaps to set themselves up to be bought by Yahoo, MSFT, News Corp or Google

Oodle is pretty neat. It allows you to find what you want very quickly. This is another way the world is going to be a less wasteful (more productive) place. No need to buy new, when you can quickly find nearly new at half the price.

Oodle allows you to be pinged when a new item is listed that fits your search. Dealers love this feature.

You can expect Google to offer a similar service soon. It is clear that sooner or later EBAY and Google are going to be in head to head competion in many areas. Some have suggested that there will be 4 to 6 major players left standing in a few years. Combinations such as MSFT-AOL, Skype-EBAY, Yahoo-SBC, etc.

If you have seen a chart of newspaper help wanted advertising, it is not a pretty sight. Layoffs of staff and other cuts are in the works and a paper. The Google sidebar finds the news I want to read. Each day it gets smarter. Each day, it sends me several stories that I click as "send no more like this". My news is becoming more and more customized for me each day.

The local paper I read sends me a junk editorial page each day and sports articles from teams that I do not follow. I have not pulled the plug on my subscription yet but the day is drawing near.

Try Oodle and post a comment. I'd love to know what you think.