Monday, October 24, 2005


It is so tough to swallow the idea that a large company like Google can continue to grow so fast. Morningstar likes McGraw Hill. In other words it likes companies that are willing to sue Google to try to hold market share. Several "old line" media companies are trying to protect subscription revenue. The market place says why pay high dollars for subscriptions to information that is provided on the web free of charge.

The big, Fortune 500, companies are discovering the efficiency of Google advertising. Why should these companies pay McGraw Hill and the like exorbitant prices when the public is reading the news on the internet?

Many years ago, law suits were filed when cassette tape recorders became widely available. The courts ruled that consumer can make copies of copyrighted materials for personal use. There have been a number of other cases that allow the cataloging of information so that consumers can find the information they need. This cataloguing does not hurt the publishers but instead it helps them and it helps the consuming public.

The law suits may slow Google down a little but more and more consumers are discovering they can find what they want quickly by using a Google search. The publishers who are making their content available for search are making money. Consumers are finding the extra content to be valuable. The amount of information on the net is going to continue to expand at a rapid pace. It will be nice when books, magazines and videos can be searched quickly.