Monday, October 10, 2005

Internet Outsider: Microsoft to Kill Google? No.

Internet Outsider: Microsoft to Kill Google? No.

The internet outsider has put together a detailed report explaining that Microsoft has already lost the web war to Google and Yahoo. AOL and Microsoft can fight it out to see who survives as number 3 or they could join forces.

Google has started advertising its tool bar on countless sites. Battelle says this is the key to the Sun-Google deal. To get the tool bar on as many machines as is possible.

I believe Google will be hard to catch in search but to do what Google really wants to do, it must be the giant killer. Netscape died trying. Bloggett, for Googlesake, hopes that it does not "go after Microsoft ". I think the deal with Sun announced exactly that Google is out to replace Microsoft high priced products with web based free services.

Old timers still can not believe that IBM lost the hill to Microsoft . Google is going to make a good run to be king of hill. Long live the king!