Tuesday, October 25, 2005

» Google Reader first look | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

ZDNet basically gives a two thumbs up on the beta version of GReader. I have played with it a little but need more time to become hooked. For now, I enjoy the Google sidebar.

Serge dropped by the Web 2.0 conference a couple of days ago. When asked about building the equivalent of Microsoft Office, he suggested that Google will build a lot of useful interfaces that accomplish the same tasks but in a more flexible way.

I do most of my writing on this blog. As the Google tools mature, I suspect it will be silly to take the time to load a word processor.

When Google announced its open source IM client, Google Talk, I suggested the presure would mount on the big three to open up there systems to cross talk. The announcement that MSFT and Yahoo will mashup first was a bit of a surprise because of the reported talks between AOL and MSFT. Now the pressure is on AOL. AOL has 56% of the IM business to Google's .05%! It is amazing how responsive the "big boys" are becoming.

The mashup of Yahoo and MSFT is a big event. Should AOL mashup with Yahoo and MSFT, the land line phone business would take a huge hit. It will be interesting to see if SKYPE, GOOG, Gismo and others will go open source while AOL, Yahoo and MSFT try to corrale the market.

Another huge question relates to SIP. IF GOOG is able to offer free out bound calls, the big walls between users will come tumbling down. I know I am not the only consumer around who desires to have one IM client open while communicating with folks using various vendors.

IM will be much bigger than email when one can communicate with everyone. The phone feature adds to the power. I find that many "converstations" are best handled by messaging (voice messaging would be very nice). Other conversations are best handled with a call. Many a converstation starts as an IM and switches back and forth as constraints and needs dictate.

If you don't have a Gmail account yet, email me and I'll send you an invite. The reader works is integrated with your email account.