Thursday, October 06, 2005



Sector rotation seems ready to roll! In many an economic cycle, heath care stocks do well after the energy stocks have done well. Consumer staples also tend to do well.

Oil stocks are getting hammered! Canadian stocks (we import more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia) posted their steepest loss in 17 months on October 5 (it is 1:00 AM October 6 as I write).

The bottom line is that world wide consumers are saying NO! Bicycle sales in the USA have exceeded car sales this year. Scooter sales are hot. Many consumers are staying close to home.

(PFE) Pfizer has news about a cancer drug and (MRK) Merck has a fantastic yield, 18 Billion in the bank and a good looking pipeline. My family has added more airline shares and shares in (SUNW) Sun Microsystems but patient investors will do well to buy the big pharmas (which have gone nowhere for a few years).


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