Monday, September 19, 2005

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Interviews -

If you want to learn about the latest "gadgets", is the place to visit.

I am studing the gadget world after reading The Search by John Battelle. I see a googler coming. A googler is more than a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). It is more than a computer; more than a communications device. You will probably wear your googler. The combo speaker, microphone, camera might be cliped to your shirt collar.

By making your schedule, contact list, indeed all the information you speak or type, available to Google, your googler will assist you in far more powerful ways than a PDA ever could. It will now where you are and where your schedule says you should be. It will talk to you and you will talk to it.

I know. Science fiction has been around for years. The thing is that science fiction is being turned into real products daily; much more to come!