Thursday, September 22, 2005


Follow the trail from Om Malik to Google Rumors and a couple of more sites and you learn that GoogleNet is being built for peanuts. Google does not have the last mile covered but hear again there is news. Googlehas done some work on WIFI software.

In The Search by John Battelle, the grocery store illustration is neat. I like the concept of a built in bar code reader on your hand held "Googler". It is also neat to realize that stores who put their inventory on the net will have an advantage over those that don't. Eventually, ones Googler will calculate the cost of your groceries at your favorite store to be $155, the cost at your next favorite store to be $160 but the cost if you buy the lowest price at the two stores to be $153.

If the wine is $30 at one store, scan it, check other local prices and reserve the purchase before putting the $30 bottle back on the shelf. Of course, Googler would be willing to display some other wines offered by competitors.

It is interesting that the GoogleNet can be completed very quickly. It took years for cell networks to be built. Google is building a very robust system and is finding lots of dark cable available. Google will have a huge advantage if it cost it almost nothing to move traffic. One must wonder if T-Mobile might be purchased by Google. It seems clear that it needs plenty of hot spots. On the other hand, every store in the country would sign up to be a hot spot if Google can send the stores customers complete information about what goods are in stock and the price.

So many of the things that were tried during the first wave of the internet may be doable now: that is as soon as the GoogleNet is in place!