Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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G-Blog.net / seoblog

China plans to build 30 nuclear reactors over the next 15 years; small potatoes relative to the countries total energy needs. China's current nuclear plants generate 2.3% of the nations total. By 2020, nuclear will provide about 4%.

The good news is that 24 nuclear plants are currently under construction around the world. The price of energy like all other prices are set at the margin. Prices of energy will only come down when supply increases relative to demand.

The moves by Indonesia, India and other populous countries to lower demand are also good news. None of us can know when supplies will start to increase relative to demand, but we do know that the price has been high enough long enough. The high prices have increased investment in new capacity and high prices have put conservation on the minds of many.
Fellow blooger Tom Evanlin agrees that nuclear power is the only available energy option. He states that Americans need to get on the bandwagon and build. "It’s time for us to stop indulging a politically correct but scientifically absurd opposition to nuclear power. It’s time for us to be socially and environmentally responsible by generating our fair share of clean energy. Read more
Jim Darrough explains why although it is much malignedNuclear Power is the best energy source for America