Monday, September 19, 2005


Highlighting some blogsearches that support several of StocksorBonds analysis of the stock market:

Chad Brad with Peridot Captialist argues the next step for Time Warner/AOL (TWX)
Will Google buy AOL?

Om Malik quotes the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Deal reporting that Vonage is about to raise funds in it’s initial public offering

Last week John Battelle noted Yahoo is now offering an instant search button that allows users to get their questions answered quickly. According to Battelle the instant Search immediately displays the most relevant result for the most popular queries directly beneath the search box. Find out more with additional links from his blog.

Finally, check out macroblog on the expectation of inflation—or lack of it. Despite all the negative media, macroblog comments that with the Consumer Price Index advanced at a 6.3 percent annualized rate in August -- the core measures are still holding steady. Over 50 percent of the weighted price gains were less than 3 percent (when annualized). Nearly twenty percent actually fell. Macroblog supports its stand with some great charts and clips