Thursday, August 25, 2005


"Wind requires 460 tons of steel and 870 cubic meters of concrete per MW.

Nuclear requires 40 tons of steel and 190 cubic meters of concrete for the equivalent output." Copied from

One can easily tell an energy expert from a loud mouth. No harm is done, everybody has an opinion and it is good to spout off every now and then. It is a bit tiresome to hear the same points argued over and over. The above comment was posted in response to a fellow pushing the idea of wind power. We would all like to believe that all we have to do to solve the energy crunch is to "harness the wind". We always like to believe there is a free lunch somewhere; sorry, it can't be found!

There are currently 23 nuclear power plants under construction in the world. Now that the energy bill has been passed, plans are being finalized for plants in the US. It is possible we will have new plants on line in 5 years. Thank heaven the plants in India, China and elsewhere will be on line soon.

In the meantime, we will waste time an energy converting corn to fuel and continuing to experiment with wind power. Perhaps, one day, wind power will make sense. In the meantime, let's focus most of our time and efforts on a more efficient and reliable power source. Those who wish to take personal responsibility to help with the crunch should move to down town areas on public transportation routes or buy a motor scooter. The market will provide enough fuel for the rest of us who will have to pay the fair price.


Anonymous said...

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