Thursday, August 04, 2005


The Mexican Riviera will never be the same.

The following note was sent by my "little girl" to her family yesterday.

Hey yall. I'm in Mazatlan today. Dad will laugh so hard when he hears that we went on a timeshare tour. We have been able to spend the entire day at this absolutely beautiful resort with free drinks and free food, just for going on a 45 minute tour of the place. They wanted us to buy a timeshare. Haha. It is gorgeous. Go to and look for Mazatlan. We are sun tanned and having lots of fun. I'm sorry I haven't been able to call. I'm not sure how much it would cost. I love you guys and miss you a lot; wish you were here.


Marilyn and I got a good laugh and we are sure that Whitney's sister rolled in the floor. This little girl of ours has some of her Grandmother's blood. She and four other recent grad school graduates gave themselves a cruise to the Mexican Riviera as a graduation present. She worked part-time while in school to purchase a luxury cruise but then saved on food and beverages by visiting a time share.

Marilyn and I have visited many time shares over the years; we do not recommend them for purchase. Our experience is that real estate generally goes up in value but time shares do not. We have never visited the west coast of Mexico but we understand it is beautiful. Marilyn and I appreciate that the time share resort saw these young ladies as graduate professionals who were good prospects. We are still leaning not to think of them as little girls. Nope, not good prospects--they just wanted to hang out in a beautiful resort!

Good investors have been described as having "Millionaire Minds". Picking up free drinks and beverages while visiting Mazatlan is "right out of the book". These young ladies have persevered to get their masters degrees; smart, young, pretty and facing the hot and cold, compassionate and cruel, wonderful world in which we live. Our best goes out to all of them.


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