Friday, August 26, 2005


Some (including the Silicon Beat site) are speculating that Google Finance will be the next big item introduced; something along the lines of CBS MarketWatch or Yahoo Finance. It may be next but the really big thing to come is Google Hosting.

I believe a Google payment system similar to PayPal will be introduced about the same time as hosting. Since there are registration fees to pay, I believe hosting will not quite be totally free to the user. It will make sense for the user to have an account to be used for payment of the service and for any advertising the site owner might want to conduct. Should his site generate advertising revenue, the funds could be routinely deposited to the site owners account.

The beauty of such a system would be its automatic nature. And few transactions would ever need to be made between a site owner's Google account and his bank account. A comment was made that perhaps personal adds would be next. Again, why not offer free web sites first. It might only take the click of a button to include ones profile in a "personals" data base.

The snow ball is building momentum. Google's "communication system" is about to reach a critical mass level from which it will expand in many directions rapidly. My "Old Merrill Pal" bought more Google today!


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