Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Tribute to Mole

When we realized that dad’s 55th birthday was approaching we started thinking about what we could do to honor and celebrate him. It was apparent that just another material possession wouldn’t suffice. We thought about the things that he seems passionate about and wanted to give him something that he would truly appreciate. Since investing has been one of his lifelong interests, a gift dealing with investing seemed like the place to start.

Growing up Dad was always introducing us to the latest technology, teaching us how to use the computer as young children, encouraging us to create email addresses and use the internet, and talking about what would be possible in the future. He instilled in us a desire to learn and taught us that we were capable of doing it ourselves if we put our mind to it.

For example, we had a computer before any of our friends and although we mostly just played Wheel of Fortune on it, we still learned valuable computer skills at an early age. We can remember having our own email address before most knew how to access the internet. Courtney even recalls him predicting the ability to run more than one program at a time, basically describing Windows before it had been released. In addition, as we have gotten older, he always stops to ask us if we’ve heard about the latest products or developments in technology. While we frequently laugh at him asking us if we have heard of Skyp or whatever else he’s been reading about, we truly appreciate his knowledge of the latest trends. Dad is technology savvy and he has always been the one to teach us about the economy, investing, and other financial matters.

More recently, he has created his own weblog where he has been able to combine both his loves for investing and the latest trends in technology. We decided a great way to celebrate Dad on his day would be to honor him with our own contributions to his weblog. Although these are certainly not the only things our dad has taught us about, they are some reasons why we believe he is a great dad! Today on his 55th birthday we hope this tribute will honor him and make him smile. We love you Dad!