Saturday, July 09, 2005


The following is a letter I sent to the Winston-Salem Journal editorial page.

Tears and Prayers

The loss of life in Iraq, Afghanistan and London is painful. I cry and pray and pray and cry. I pray for peace; I expect wars and more wars. I pray that all nations will stand in opposition to terrorism. Without responsible action by peaceful nations, the wars will grow large. Too many times, peaceful people have not met aggressors with force. War is to be avoided when possible but is to be won when fought.

Hitler is example sited most often of the aggressor met with apathy. Mahmud of Ghanzni ruled Afghanistan from 997 to 1030. He raided the cities of neighboring countries and ravaged India in particular. He stole the wealth of the temples and often killed all the men, women and children in the towns he raided. He got away with murder because his sporadic forays were dispersed among several countries and because he retreated to the high mountains for periods of time to let the anger die. Does this sound like the terrorist of today? How long will citizens of America, France, et. al. harp on the evil of George Bush while murderers continue their work against the innocent?

Recently another American child was lost to a convicted sex offender out on $15,000 bail! We must stand firm against evil. Otherwise we and millions of others will shed more tears. Pray with me for peace but support all actions necessary to stop the carnage!