Friday, July 01, 2005

InformationWeek > Mobile Java > Sun, NTT DoCoMo Team On Java For Mobile Data > June 29, 2005

Wireless broadband services are set to take off. NTT DoCoMo and Sun have teamed up to offer next-generation mobile data services. RIM and Palm One have each exceeded earnings estimates. The power of mobile computing should not be underestimated.

Sun, Rim and Palm One have survived the crash. Investors should realize that the shake-out is over. The second phase of growth has started. This is part of the natural cycle of events.

When affordable cars were hot around 1914 to 1919, many folks bought cars. Investors in many companies were burned. Those wise enough to stick with the leaders such as Ford and GM made fortunes. Many other companies did well in the second surge. Note that while Ford had a big jump on GM, GM dramatically outperformed Ford during the second surge.

Surviving companies are well positioned to make big money for the next 50 years. Some will do better than others but it is a mistake to set out the second phase. The BULL is alive. He is resting in front of a major resistance area but he is alive. FON, MOT, NOK and others will do well in the coming surge. Some companies, such as VZ and SBC may lose more business in the "old line business" than they gain in "new line business". Consumers and almost all businesses will benefit from the productivity created by the new technology.