Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hewlett Packard Pocket PC/Phone/Camera

Today’s technology has allowed people of all ages to communicate, play games, listen to music, watch movies, take pictures, and perform computer operations from anywhere the user might be. The biggest problem with doing each of these functions is it requires a separate gadget for each function. Several gadgets have tried to incorporate more than one of these functions but the gadgets still treat the initial function as its primary and the other functions are mere afterthoughts. For example, camera phones lack the ability to take clear pictures. Hewlett Packard has attempted to consolidate these major functions into their iPAQ h6325 Pocket PC.

The HP h6325 offers all the functionality of a PDA, along with a mobile phone, and a camera. It’s the first and the smallest handheld with integrated three-way wireless (GSM, GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth®). This allows the user to access the internet, email, send text messages, and make phone calls. Take pictures with the built-in camera then print to a printer or synchronize with your PC via Bluetooth. Accessories allow even greater flexibility such as the snap-on thumb keyboard for composing email, notes and instant messages. You can even buy a GPS module that will turn the iPAQ into a navigation system giving you turn-by-turn driving directions.

Many reviewers have mixed feelings about the HP h6325’s wireless phone service. Cingular and T-Mobile both offer service and several users have complained that calls are often dropped or the phone has little signal. Others have stated that a software upgrade has resolved the issue. However, they all agree that if you want a small, sleek phone that will run days on a battery, this is not your huckleberry.

While not everyone sees the need for such an item, numerous people already use many individual gadgets to do what the HP h6325 will do by itself. As one reviewer so put it, “I shed a whole pile of devices and cables for something I can put in my front pocket.”

Jonathan Tucker