Monday, June 20, 2005

Top Tech News - Business Briefing for Tech Pros - Google Plans Electronic Payment Service

Millions of AdWords and AdSense users make payments to and receive payments from Google. Many months ago, I wrote that a Google electronic payment system is an obvious extension to the services offered by Google. Google's mission of organizing information includes financial information.

Pay Pal has been and will continue to be "the" payment system for online auctions. Ironically, while both EBAY and GOOG traded down on the news, the competition will help both companies. Identity theft has been a big problem and even bigger news. Having two big names offering the service of online payment will cause the growth to be dramatic.

The stocks have traded down, this is an opportunity. As I have written before, you don't have to be an aggressive investor to own these stocks. If your position size is $3,000, you can invest $1,000 each in GOOG, EBAY and YAHOO. Your upside from any one of the three would be substantial and your downside would be limited.


I will write sparingly this week while I spend time with the family at Myrtle Beach. The weather is gorgeous here You should be here! (We enjoyed several hours of entertainment at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Saturday Night!)