Wednesday, June 15, 2005


always want new stock ideas. We post at least one new idea each week to our stock of the week site. This should be more than enough for most investors. One must remember that the big mistake is in not buying a good stock. The amount of money lost on not buying a good selection can be huge. Individuals often turn down 10 good ideas before choosing a real dud. They then blame the fellow that gave them the idea. If you look at our Stock of the Week list, you will find they are not exciting stocks. The stocks are going up faster than the market but they don't have much sizzle. Which do you want, a lot of profit or the ability to talk to your neighbor about the hottest stock you bought lately?

The following is another list of good stocks.

Aprar Atr all cap with good earnings, good dividend and strong revenue growth. Recent Price $49.49.

Apogee Enterprises APOG: small cap that has shuttered low margin business to grow others. Has increasing profits. Recent price $13.85.

Baldor Electric BEZ: small cap 600 company with increasing sales and earnings. Builds electric motors. Electric motors are replacing internal combustion engines in many applications. Recent price $25.61

HNI Top quality Mid Cap. Office furniture company has had 4 great years of earnings growth. Recent price $52.37.

LANC Top quality Mid Cap. Slow growth but solid company with good cash flow. Routinely buys back stock. Recent price $43.81.

SKY Small Cap. Manufactured homes. Cash rich company buying back shares and bidding time until housing boom bust. Recent price $41.03.

As a private investor, I cannot recommend stocks but note that our Stock of the Week selections average higher than market returns. Finding a good stock to buy is not hard. Managing a portfolio of stocks involves luck and skill. In the long-run, skill wins.