Sunday, June 12, 2005

On Malik's Broadband Blog :Skype, Yahoo in talks?

Some weeks back, astute observers noted that a natural fit for VoIP would be a Google-VoIP service. Om Malik reports that Yahoo is working on a deal with Skype. Why not? MSN and AOL's AIM are working toward voice-email-instant message convergence. A Yahoo-Skype service would make an instant powerhouse. Millions of folks around the world use Skype. It is the most popular VoIP service.

Heads are about to butt. FON, VZ, SBC,NOK, MOT,AAPL, MSFT and many other major firms are working on "long-distance" wireless internet service. Cell tower activity is picking up again. I have it on good authority that offers are being made to add wimax towers. Wimax transmits high speed data 10 miles or more. New technologies in trial are blanketing whole towns with high speed data. Companies such as MOT, >,NOK, and FON, are eager to add data bands to regular cell phones. Owning the rights to what goes on the phone is a powerful franchise. Those who have wireless connections at work and home may choose a service that is independent from cell phone service.

No matter which service wins the most business, billions of new phones will be made with lots of chips inside. My family owns FON, MOT, TXN and QCOM. INTC has been very strong. Wimax will lead to a lot of new INTC chip purchases. Tower companies may be able to add a service to an existing tower for additional revenue.