Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dow Corning's Newest Grease

Dow Corning's Newest Conductive Grease Qualified for Use in AMD Microprocessor Packages

GLW is well on the way to being a 10 bagger for may family. We purchased shares around $2, $4, and $9. The company continues to produce innovative products. Name a device with a viewing screen and it probably has GLW solutions inside. Traffic over broad band cable is about to explode. Analog TV signals will die soon. LCD glass is in high demand.

Did you see the Best Buy numbers? Consumers are buying flat screen TVs.

BUY THE BULL! GLW came down a very long way during after the bubble and it has gone up a long way recently. My family has no plans to sell this one for several more years.

We encourage you to communicate your purchases to us. We maintain a contact list for those who would like to know when we sell. Better still, allow us to monitor your discount brokerage account. We can offer suggestions at no charge.