Tuesday, June 07, 2005

BigRusMe Page

BigRusMe Page

While reading "Big Russ and Me" by Tim Russert I learned again that wars are economic in nature. The "winners" are most often the warriors with the most economic backing. This is not necessarily the most wealthy combatants. The "winners" must be willing to commit their resources to the fight. "Winners" is in quotes because in truth the "winners" are those who are successful in avoiding war.

Russert tells about his Dad's trip across the ocean on the Queen Mary and about the fight to save England. The Queen Mary was designed to carry 1,200 passengers. Big Russ was one of 14,000 soldiers loaded on the boat. Berths were stacked in every available space including in the empty swimming pool. Sleeping shifts were rotated around the clock.

In England, the story of the bombing of Germany is heart breaking. The daily loss of aircraft and crew was a sacrifice that had to be made. Those returning from missions were given a shot of whisky.

It was American industry that won the war. It took a while to catch up but America built the planes, tanks and equipment in the sufficient numbers needed to subdue the opposition.

Progress continues to be made in Iraq. "Winning" is a matter of time. The US has invested the necessary resources. Perhaps more troops could have put on the Syrian border and perhaps other mistakes have been made. Arm-chair quarterbacks can always play a good game with hind-sight. Never-the-less, the Iraqi army is gradually taking the lead role in taking control. The bad guys and the remaining contraband are being rounded up. Al-Sard and others are jockeying for political position.

It takes years to establish a new government. In 10 years, I expect Iraq will be perceived as an economic miracle. It is my hope that it is a shining light to other Mideastern countries.

By the way, Tim Russert is preparing another book about Dad's. On the linked site, he request stories to be sent in about Dads. My Dad was part of the "Greatest Generation". I will send in a few stories and I hope you will too.