Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yahoo shakes up online music market with low price - Internet Services - Media - Internet - Company Announcements - General

Don't you just love the way Google and Yahoo can take charge in a market? Yahoo's latest move makes those of us who resisted the temptation to buy Apple feel good all over again. Yes, I admit I missed the whole move in Apple. I just could not believe that Apple would be able to walk away with the music business.

At the same time, my family has struggled. I promised my daughters MP3 players at Christmas. We tried the RNWK player for a while but cancelled because the monthly rate was stiff and the down-loads added 99 cents each.

Yahoo has slashed the price. $60 per year is not a bad deal for the use of millions of songs. I am sure my family will try it out.

Will Google offer a competitive service? Will RNWK and Apple compete on price. Will a zillion people add MP3 players to cell phones? Only the Shadow Knows!