Monday, May 23, 2005 - Moderates Reach Compromise On Judicial-Nominee Showdown

The ability to change the court is huge. A lawyer friend tells me that 2% of our GNP is wasted because of law suits and fear of law suits. Our legal system is designed to protect us--not to tax us.

Frank Howard, legendary football coach at Clemson, once said that a tie is like kissing your sister. Compromise can taste about the same.

John McCain, leader of the compromise, is running for president, again. The deal crafted, allows republicans to get judges through the senate. American businesses and consumers have "won".

Time will tell if Bill Frist or John McCain won in regard to their respective campaigns for the presidency. At least 6 democrats agreed not to filibuster. It makes one wonder if compromise can be reached to amend social security. The moderate middle group, democrat and republican, have assumed a powerful roll. The elections of 2006 will be interesting.

I believe the stock market would have responded very positively to a vote to end filibuster of judges. The compromise ends the filibuster. It is hard to gage but the BULL market is still a BULL market. Stocks are so cheap relative to bonds and real estate that any news is likely to be seen as positive for the market.