Wednesday, May 25, 2005 - House Vote Eases Stem-Cell Limits, Ignores Veto Vow

Stem cell research holds out the promise of tremendous benefits. The truth is that no one knows if the talk is simply hype. The potential to save millions means ethical questions need to be solved. Research needs to be done. This tough issue is not going to go away. A majority of US citizens see the potential benefits as being significant. Bush has never used his veto power. With solid majorities ready to support legislation in the house and senate, Bush will probably influence the legislation but in the end avoid the veto.

Making money in stocks off pure research is tough. I know of no company on the verge of profiting off stem cells. Of course, if research developed a cure for a major desease such as diabeties, the profits could be large. Perhaps one should buy one of the biotech EFTs.