Sunday, May 01, 2005 Why Gas Won't Get Cheaper -- May. 09, 2005

Wrong, wrong, wrong again!
Gas has not hit a permanent $2.25 plateau. It will take a few years, but all cars made are going to have hybrid features and coal and nuclear are going to take care of other energy needs. These include producing hydrogen with excess late night energy. Power plants must run around the clock. Simple storage batteries can be charged at night or hydrogen can be produced. The technology is already here. Storage batteries have been over-looked only because the US has been unwilling to use its ample coal supplies. It is a simple matter of getting the permits approved to build the plants; simple, after the environmental concerns are addressed. We still have work to do to cut pollution. Converting all cars to the 42 volt standard will allow engines to be cut often, reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

Is it not wonderful that we learn more and more daily about how to cut total costs which include pollution costs? The Bottomless Well is a great book. Among other things, it highlights that the cost of illumination has been cut by 10,000 fold in 200 years. The LCD light is about to dramatically cut illumination costs again! Several members of my family have purchase Corning (GLW) but we have never step up to the plate in regard to CREE.

Time and others must write the dramatic story to attract readers. Only a short sighted view is alarmist about the energy supply. The sun is not about to go out anytime soon!