Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Sun News | 05/12/2005 | MB ranks fourth in second-home searches

Second homes are a hot commodity and Myrtle Beach continues to rank high in the mix. The numbers bounce around partly due to seasonal factors. Never-the-less, Myrtle Beach has been staying consistently as one of the top 4 markets.

The move down in 10 year bonds is giving baby boomers one more chance to lock in a low rate loan on a second home. I spoke to a lady today who plans to move to Myrtle full time. Nothing unusual about this except that she runs her business from her computer and can live anywhere she wants. If one is going to telecommute, why not do so from an ocean front condo?

Marilyn and I continue to watch the beach market closely as we are selling our resort properties. We hate to sell too many this spring as the prices are likely to be substantially higher by the fall and indeed by next spring. On the other hand, we feel old and worn out. Operating a small business takes its toll. All jobs are tough, but the operators of a small business have to "do it all".

We hope to actually spend a significant amount of the next several years in Myrtle Beach relaxing. We hope to be able to invite grand children down for a visit. The reality is that we, like 76 million other American baby boomers, hope to enjoy getting away to a second home.