Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The markets are choppy. There are enough swells to make a swabbie sea sick. Be the battleship. Make a course and stay on it. Buy stocks and don't worry about all the noise.

Some years ago, a stock broker and a code breaker for the NSA had a nice conversation. They discovered that the two businesses are the same. There are a lot of mundane messages that a code breaker must hear before he finds a secret message. A stock picker hears all kinds of stories every day. Most of them mean nothing.

The current situation is a good one for buying stocks. The economy is stronger than most people think. Innovations are reducing costs. The world is becoming a safer place. Alternative investments are expensive. Historical records show that stocks do well more likely than not.

Once a battleship heads in a direction, it is not easy to turn it around. The market was down for the first 4 months of the year but the direction has turned. Momentum is growing. Get on board because the ride is going to be a lot of fun.