Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Google isn't always No. 1 - May. 3, 2005

TWX has 900 thousand shares of Google, for sale. At the same time, the company's Money Magazine has posted a negative article on the company. The article shows that online advertising is projected to grow from 9.6 Billion to 22.3 Billion over the next five years. TWX will be working hard to get a substantial portion of those ads. TWXis a value stock and Google is a growth stock. Investors should consider buying the two in combination. AOL continues to lose dial up subscribers but the TWX has many irons in the fire. Yahoo, Google, , MFST and TWX make up the four horsemen of the internet. IIAC, Cendant and others are players but the four "big" guys have scale.

My family owns Google, Yahoo and TWX. We are holding our internet exposure constant while adding to airlines. Go CAL Go!