Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Big Picture: Line is the Sand has been crossed

Time to give Barry credit for getting back into the market. The pot is almost ready to boil! Will the frogs jump (cover their shorts) or will they continue to die the slow death?

Earlier I said that traders can jump quickly. Barry has made the move to get on board the market. Hedge Funds can simmer a long time because they typically hold a plus and a minus. They are getting killed on their minus but making some of it back on their plus. When the Hedge Funds jump, this market could be explosive.

Barry believes the lows will be tested again. It could happen as short-term moves are impossible to call. However, the strength of this market is such that the shorts are getting squeezed hard. My expectation is for three or four strong stock market years.

Buy the Bull Before the Frogs Jump!