Tuesday, April 19, 2005

U.S. Stocks Get Needed Lift From Earnings - Forbes.com

U.S. Stocks Get Needed Lift From Earnings - Forbes.com

A good quarter for the majority of stocks! The reports out so far indicate earnings were higher than street estimates. Yahoo just announced a 49% increase in revenues! Google is trading up $11 per share in after market trading. Google will announce day after tomorrow but advertising measuring services have indicated that Google gained share during the quarter.

INTC, an important bell-weather for technology also posted strong results. Valuations are such that asset allocators must buy stocks! Jeremy Siegel correctly noted on Kramer and Company last night, "there is no competition to stocks!" The probability of making a capital gain on a 10 year treasury at 4.2% is fairly slim while the probability of a big US company increasing its dividend a few times over the next ten years is high.

Investors should remember that those who stay heavily invested in the market typically do much better than those who try to move in and out at the right time. Timing the market is difficult at best. There will always be an element of market timing in ones market decisions but the trick is to buy during the tough times when it seems risky. Buy this big bull before the boom, bubble and bust.