Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Renting TiVo [ Motley Fool Take] April 6, 2005

Renting TiVo [ Motley Fool Take] April 6, 2005


One of the tests being conducted by TIVO is to commandeer a portion of the big screen TVs. Those of us who use computers regularly are used to seeing ads cover a portion of the screen. Which had you rather do, watch a full length movie with regular interruptions for commercials or watch the same movie in only 60% of the time while ads are posted next to the movie?

Much more experimentation will be required to find the best answers. Prior the digitization of video signals, alternatives were not available. The new systems will be worthwhile. At the least, consumers will have a choice of commercials. At best, consumers will save hours of time. Those willing to pay a little to watch the news may see the program in 20 minutes versus 30. There is no way that all commercials are worth 10 minutes of time to all people. Anytime the free market can offer choice to consumers, the consumers win.

A BIG BULL BOOM BUBBLE is coming. Do the Google Gulp. While you are at it do the CAL Gulp and the TV gulp! Buying what is hard to buy is usually the best choice of what to buy!