Monday, April 11, 2005

NewsFinder--Goodyear Tire


Goodyear Tire continues to upgrade its balance sheet. The latest credit facility covers the refinancing of $3.65 Billion of debt. It covers all maturities out to 2009.

I enjoy owning cyclical companies when they go through an upturn in their business cycle. It is tough fact of corporate life that when times are toughest credit cost the most. Then when the business gets better, companies are allowed to pay less for borrowed money. The swing from top to bottom is acerbated. This is a good thing if you catch these cyclical stocks near the bottom.

Goodyear Tire has increased from the $4 range to $12 in a few years. We hope to see a 10-bagger; we hope to ride the stock from $4 to $40.

We believe the BBBBB is on the way! That is the Big Bull Boom Bubble and Bust. Those who get in early should make much money and those who wait too long will have a hard time resisting the Bull when it is stampeding your neighbors and friends. Do the Continental, TIVO, Google Gulp!