Friday, April 22, 2005

Motorola back on track for iTunes mobile -

Motorola back on track for iTunes mobile -

Motorola has been good to my family. The company struggled a few years ago. We sold all our stock and bought it back maybe two or three years ago. Since then it has gotten back on track. The company just announced a good quarter as did NOK. New phones with lots of bells and whistles are on the way.

Stocks of this type are in competitive businesses. Samsung and Motorola have battled back and forth for second place. Everyone wants to have the accepted technology and the old simple phones are commodity products like calculators.

There is still room for growth. The iTunes phone mentioned in this article is just one example of what is coming soon. Many folks will up-grade to new radio-TV-computer phones. Motorola has new leadership and innovative products. We plan to hold our shares through-out this business cycle.