Monday, April 18, 2005

Humax Offers Three-in-One Set Top Box Using TI's Digital Media Processor Platform

IPTV is something you are going to hear more and more about. Humax is just one of many manufacturers of video devices that have adopted TXN technology. TXN makes a high performance digital media processor. On the best high definition TVs you are likely to see the letters DLP which stand for digital light processor. The TV may be branded as Samsung or whatever but the DLP says that he computer chip inside is a TXN chip.

TXN continues to win converts in all sorts of media products. Cell phones may turn out to be the "killer app". Cell phones are morphing into portable "jack of all trades" devices--used for everything from GPS mapping to game players.

Humax is a Korean company that makes digital recorders and set-top boxes. They manufacture TiVo boxes among others. The IPTV Decoder is where the real excitement begins. In a few years, you should have the option to play or record millions of videos off the internet whether you subscribe to cable TV or not.


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