Thursday, April 07, 2005 Why The Dollar Could Demolish Your Home Why The Dollar Could Demolish Your Home

What a stretch?! Even at least one Forbes writer is getting into the "Ain't it awful" mode. The author uses the possibility of going from 76% of capacity to 93% of industrial capacity to say the inflation might get bad and house prices might fall. This article is about as convoluted as any I have seen in a major publication.

This is the "Oh My! Lions and Tigers and Bears!" article of the year (so far). The US has the largest number of people ever at or near peak home buying age. Homes are not going to decline because of super strong industrial output even if it happens.

The table is being set for a very nice up-move in the market. The news services do not pump out this garbage unless the public is of the same mind. This means the market can move a good ways before the public is willing to jump on board the gravy train. Get on board early and you will make a very nice return over the next two or three years.