Monday, April 11, 2005 / Business / Technology / Sprint CEO predicts wireless-Net link / Business / Technology / Sprint CEO predicts wireless-Net link

Opportunity lies waiting in the FON business. FON has long had financial backing from the cable industry. Now it is the cable industry that is likely to be the first to roll-out "combo" phones. These phones will allow unlimited toll free calls over the internet and they will seamlessly convert to cell phone service when necessary.

This development will change the way most people use a phone. Gradually, folks who have a business number and a work number will need only one number. Most families who have one home number and one or two cell numbers for a family of 4 will convert to 4 numbers, one for each family member. The productivity enhancement will be a major factor. Costs savings will be large.

Buy FON to participate as FON is positioned to give VZ and SBC a run for the money. The big difference is that VZ and SBC will lose a lot of land line phones in the process. The Big Bull is coming; have you climbed on board?