Wednesday, April 06, 2005 / Business / Technology / Sprint CEO predicts wireless-Net link / Business / Technology / Sprint CEO predicts wireless-Net link

Sprint says TWX and Comcast to be the first to offer new "combo phone". WiVoIP phones are in our future. Motorola and Cisco Systems have made prototype phones. The roll-out will start next year.

There are two problems to be solved. Can a call in progress be switched during progress and will cell phone companies agree to "lose the per minute revenue". The first problem is technical and with today's technology certainly answerable. The second answer is an easy yes. All it takes is one company to offer the cheaper service and all others will fall in line.

SBC has already agreed to charge only $2 extra per month for the combo phones. The key point is that any user who uses most of his time on WiFi connections will be a very low cost customer to service. This is a better mouse trap. FON is in a unique position. It will be offering the new service through cable companies and many other independent providers.

BUY FON and hold on for the ride. The BIG BULL BOOM BUBBLE will start soon!