Thursday, April 21, 2005

BIG Bull!

Over the past several weeks, I have stated time and again that stocks are under-valued. The public has socked away incredible sums in money markets and savings because of fear; at some point that fear will become the fear of missing the big move. I have suggested that when this market starts to move that it might move very rapidly.

Today was one of those "melt-up" days. Was today the start of something big? It is impossible to say because it never makes sense to try to call daily moves. There are simply to many variables. I have never known anyone who can predict short term moves profitably. I have seen people make tens of thousands of dollars in short-term trading but I have seen those same people lose it all back.

I have written time and again about Google. My post on December 30, 2004, Do the Google Gulp! has received wide distribution. The indications have been clear for months that Google is growing revenues and earnings fast. Today's numbers were fantastic. Mad Man Cramer went ballistic about Google on tonight's show. Suddenly he has gone from gloom and doom to forecasting $318 on Google.

My family has already loaded up the truck. We will probably not buy much more Google but we certainly plan to enjoy the ride. If Google can make $1.12 the first quarter, surely it can make $1.50 by the last quarter. It could easily do more and be on track for $10 per year in 2006. Let me put it this way, if the stock makes $1.50 by the last quarter and trades at $500 per share, I will not sell.

Google just made a deal with accuweather. This is not a huge blockbuster but it is noted here as an illustration of how much more advertising space Google still has to corral. Do you ever get frustrated when you turn on the local news to see the weather forecast? If you could hit one or two buttons on your cell phone to see the accuweather forecast in your area would you object if there were an advertisement next to the forecast?

If you want free information, you can count on Google. Google is just one of many of my families holdings. We will not go to the poor house if Google falters. The BULL is not in Google alone. Investors are very confused. One day they worry about inflation and the next about deflation but all the while American companies are making increased profits. Buy the Bull!