Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The picture in today's paper of Iraqis protesting terrorist was worth a thousand words. Lebanon's recent actions show that democracy is ready to spread. Syria is clearly trying to avoid provoking the US. Even France is giving up on some of it's socialistic ideas.

The next big trade agreement that needs to be passed is called CAFTA. With its passage a free trade zone would be passed for all of the Western Hemisphere. The benefits to all countries would be large.

The congress surprised all by passing class action tort reform quickly. The democrats want to be able to make the case that they have supported Bush when he should be. From now until late August and maybe until October, the democrats and republicans will be playing a field position football game. Pushing social security reform over the goal line will determine if the 2005 game is won or lost. The democrats have shown a willingness to trade a little to improve their red-zone defense.

National events may give old George an extra pass receiver or two. Some really good things could happen in the Middle East. On the other hand, a weak domestic economy could help pass tax cuts or make the previous tax cuts permanent.

Many have learned not to underestimate Bush. Bush is on a roll as is Freedom.